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John Bouchillon

Affiliations: St. Charles Area Woodcarvers, National Wood Carvers Association, Mid America Wood Carvers, and The Belleville Holzschnitzers.

Interests: I enjoy all forms of woodcarving, turning, burning, and working. In addition, I enjoy computers, stained glass, photography, model aviation, and tool making and Blacksmithing.

Background: I retired in 1993, after 33 years as an Electronics Engineer in Army Aviation. I started woodcarving when I retired, with classes in basic woodcarving and tool sharpening. I continued with seminars sponsored by our club and added more advanced classes by Jeff Phares, Debbie Edwards, Gerald Sears, John Engler, Doane and Silver Dollar City.

Awards: I have several Best of Show awards and numerous Blue ribbons from our annual Wonders of Wood Show. I also won the Class B Peoples Choice Award in 2003.

Thoughts: The old saying, that only wimps use sharp tools, push harder is always good for a laugh, but that is about all. The most important thing you can do for your carving enjoyment is to use sharp tools. The second most important thing is to learn to recognize a sharp tool. Third, learn how to create one.

Some Examples of John's Work

First is an indian carved in cottonwood bark and sealed with Deft.

The eagle face is wood burned on a basswood plate. It is painted with water color pencils and sealed with Deft.

The angry mouse got his tail caught. He is carved in basswood, painted in acrylics and sealed with Deft.

Bird Santa - Carved in basswood and painted with acrylics. He is sealed with Deft. The base is made from Corian. It cuts and routes like wood.

Alaska man. A prospector and his dog wood burned. It is framed with old barn wood and trimmed with deer antlers.

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