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Club News: back to table of contents

Mark May 5th on your calendars for the annual OFallon Founders Day soap carving event. We expect a a big turn out of soap carvers this year. Always a fun event.

Bill Kuhn has begun placing copies of patterns on the front table each meeting. He plans to introduce new patterns once a month. Be sure to check them out.

Also we are now placing our Show and Tell carvings on the table in the front of the room. Bill Kuhn will show them and ask the carver to tell the group about their carving. Afterward, that will give the other members an opportunity to go up and look over the carvings.

In our March meetings Wyatt Sample with help from Wilbert Brewton led members in carving a farmer Santa. We will continue working on the Farmer Santa in the first meeting of April.

We plan to continue member led carving projects each meeting. If you are interested in leading a class please bring it up in the club meeting so we can plan for it. If there is a project you would like someone to lead please bring that up also.

Events: back to table of contents

Charlie Sapp and Carl Bowen led a soap carving class at the Barethaven senior home. As you can see from the pictures below, everyone had a great time.

The seniors expressed their gratitude for the class: Words cannot express how much I appreciate all you did for our residents and staff. Both of you made such a difference to so many with your soap carving service! What a wonderful time! Thank you. Sarah.

Club Meeting Pictures: back to table of contents

Below are picture of members at the March club meetings carving project Carving the Farmer Santa led by Wyatt Sample and Wilbert Brewton.

Wilbert gives some instruction. A group of carvers working and playing.

Bill Kuhn is so excited carving his Santa he can't sit down.
Dan and Bob concentrate on their Santas.
Wyatt and Rich chat while carving.

Bob Craven sits back and admires his work so far.
Bob Berg , Tonya McFarland, and Dan Hill share a Santa go-by and work ahead.

Bob Heinrich and Bob Frey work on their Santas.
Wyatt Sample gives Tom Mortellaro some instruction.

Show and Tell: back to table of contents

The following are pictures of completed carvings shown at the club meetings.

Pictured above left is a Mexican Santa carved by Tonya McFarland. On the right are snowmen carved by Wyatt Sample.

Bob Berg showed his walking stick with an owl topper. Some closeups are shown of some of the faces he carved on the Aspen walking stick.

John Bouchillon back from the sunny south showed a number of carvings he did while away.
Above are an Obama bust and a group of napkin rings and thread spools that he carved.

John also showed a group of name tags he carved with some of Snow Whites dwarfs, and a group of Santas.

Recommended Resources: back to table of contents

Wood Supplies

The following two links are to sources of carving woods. Heinecke comes to the Belleville woodcarving show each year and to other shows and provides excellent wood. Slim Maroushek also comes to the Belleville show and has also attended our woodcarving shows.

Carving Video Instruction On-line FREE

Lynn Doughty is a western carver living in Oklahoma. He does a blog which provides tutorials on how he carves his characters with detailed instruction. There is no cost to the blog. It now has very well filmed video instruction - still for free. It is a great resource,check it out at Out West Woodcarving. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos.

Gene Messar is a Flat Plane carver living on the Texas/Louisiana border. He has done a number of videos on youtube demonstrating the carving of santas, snowmen, Rufus and Sadie, hillbilly, wizard, hobo, halloween ghost, a scene with a dog treeing a raccoon in a tree and others. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos. These carvings are demonstrated in a series of short videos. If you have high speed internet these videos are free and helpful. This is a great resource, check it out at Whittler0507

Dues: back to table of contents

There are no dues at club meetings, but be sure to pay your annual dues.   Check with Charlie Sapp if you are unsure if you are paid up to date.   -- Club dues are $15.00 per year and include the website and electronic newsletter.

Seminars: back to table of contents

If you have any suggestions for future seminars, bring them up in the club meetings and we will see if we can get enough interest. If so we will get it scheduled.     For seminars - the doors generally open in the morning at 8:30am and end in the evening at 5:00pm.  Ask your instructor for exact times.  

Meeting Time and Location: back to table of contents

Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The meetings include a brief business meeting followed by a carving session. The meeting location has changed. Meetings are now held at the Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project at 7295 Highway 94 South St. Charles, Missouri 63304. Visitors are always welcome!

Weldon Spring Department of Energy site.  From highway 40/61 or I-70 exit highway 94 and continue south toward Defiance.  It is just past the Francis Howell High School.  When you see a Quonset hut on the right hand side it is the next driveway / facility.

Member Web Pages-Update: back to table of contents

New members - be sure to get with Wyatt Sample and provide him with some pictures of your work and a background write up for the website. 

All Members, please feel free to update the information for your page on the website any time. Just send an email to the webmaster, Wyatt Sample, (link at bottom of page) with any new information about yourself.

Please provide some information about any new carving you want displayed and either send in a digital picture or bring in a picture of your carving to be scanned. You can look through the other member pages to see what type of information others have provided.

Reminders to Members

Please feel free to borrow books, tapes, cd's, and go-bys, but do return them within a reasonable amount of time so that others may have a chance to use them.

Contact us for more information on the club or activities. 

For questions regarding this Web Site, contact Webmaster: Wyatt Sample