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Welcome back from the holidays, and welcome back to the newsletter. The newsletter has been neglected this latter half of 2013. I've many excuses, but laziness is the likeliest. I shall try to do better this year. In the meantime, there were shows, soap carving events, and show-n-tell carvings that deserve to be seen. So this newsletter will catch you up on the later half of 2013, and hopefully get you excited for carving in 2014.

The annual election of officers was held at the 11/6/13 meeting. By acclamation, the current officers were re-elected for another term: Rich Weitzman., President; Bill Steele, VP; Charlie Sapp, Treasurer; and Danny Hill, Secretary.

Membership approved dues of $15/ year for 2014. They are due at the first of the year and payable now to the Treasurer.

At club meetings be sure to place your Show and Tell carvings on the table in the front of the room. Bill Kuhn will show them and ask the carver to tell the group about their carving. Afterward, that will give the other members an opportunity to go up and look over the carvings. Next to the show and tell table are carving patterns provided by Bill Kuhn that you may pick up. He tries to introduce new patterns once a month. Be sure to check them out. If you have a pattern you would like to share bring it in.

We plan to continue member led carving projects during meetings. If you are interested in leading a class please bring it up in the club meeting so we can plan for it. If there is a project you would like someone to lead please bring that up also.

Last year Carol Leavy bought one of our club patches for a quilt they were putting together for the International Woodcarvers Congress . We just received this note and a couple of pictures back from her regarding the success of the project.

Our patch is just above the center logo at about 1202 on the clock.See the picture below.

Former club member, Mike Simpson, was one of the juried artists at the Clayton Art Fair. Mike had several of his mantels and door way trim pieces on display along with some of his other carvings. Mike now has his studio, The Art Factory, established in University City where he specializes in fine woodcarving, mosaics, and stained glass. Only 1 in 10 artists are selected to be in the Art Fair so this was a great accomplishment for him.

Soap Carving Classes: back to table of contents

On November 12-14, 2013, Charles Sapp, Rick Skwira, and Dale Sapp from the St. Charles Area Woodcarvers Club in St. Charles, MO hosted a hands-on workshop for the fifth grade art students at Henderson Elementary. The goals were to both demonstrate the art of carving and to inspire our youth to carve through a hands-on experience.

After a brief overview of wood carving safety and tools, the hands-on workshop was reviewed. Students were instructed on carving-in-the round and how relief carving could be used to make features pop out. All carving was done using Ivory soap and tools constructed from wooden sticks. Each student selected a pattern from a variety that were available and were given a wooden knife and gouge. The students transferred their pattern to the soap using a stylus (paper clip) and started carving. The instructors and teachers moved around the room to guide and provide assistance. After the students carved the basic form they shaped their figure and carved details into the soap. The students were very enthusiastic and were proud to sign their work at the end of the session. Around 100 youth were introduced to carving over the three day period.

This is the second year for the St. Charles Area Woodcarvers to work with the Henderson Elementary Art teachers in this type of instruction. Thanks to Mrs. Kim Skwira for making the arrangements.

The St. Charles Area Woodcarvers also provide soap carving instruction at local fairs and pumpkin carving demonstrations at various events in the fall to promote the art of carving.

The first photos are photos of the four classes of fifth graders that participated in the soap carving classes.

The following pictures are some of the children carving and some of their excellent soap carvings.

Annual Club Christmas Party: back to table of contents

The following are pictures of members with their carvings received in the Annual Ornament Exchange at the Club Christmas Party. All members who chose to participate and brought a carving received a carving.

The first pictures are from left to right: Bob Berg with an ornament carved by Charlie Sapp, Bob Craven with an ornament carved by Rick Skwira, and John Bouchillon with an ornament carved by Danny Hill.

The following pictures are from left to right: Charlie Sapp with an ornament carved by Bob Berg, Danny Hill with an ornament carved by Paul Medlin, and Dee Kley with an ornament carved by John Bouchillon.

The following pictures are from left to right: Don Kley with an ornament carved by Bob Craven, Paul Medlin with an ornament carved by Dick Weber, and Rick Skwira with an ornament carved by Dee Kley.

And finally Charlie Sapp is shown with an ornament carved by Don Kley.

There were also door prizes, and holiday bags which Dee Kley passed out to everyone. The following are pictures of members enjoying the party.

The first pictures are from left to right: Valarie Schnettler with a walnut pen door prize from Charlie Sapp, Al Westfall won a Cedar Leaf cutout door prize from John Bouchilllon, and Danny Hill won a door prize of wood provided by John Bouchillon.

The following pictures are from left to right: Dee Kley passed out Holiday bags to everyone, Nate accepts a gift card door prize from Rockler for his father, Graham Schnettler, Paul Medlin won a Rockler Door Prize, and Bob Berg received a Santa face rough out door prize contributed by John Bouchillon.

The following pictures are remind us of one thing members were here for - FOOD.

Members enjoyed the party. A big Thanks goes out to Dee Kley for the table ornaments. The final picture in this series is a Camel with Paul Medlin showed.

Show and Tell: back to table of contents

The following are show-n-tell pictures of carvings presented by members in September, and pictures of some of the carvings entered into the Springfield, Illinois show. There are no pictures for October meetings since our building was closed due to the Federal Government shutdown.

The first carvings are gourds shown by John Bouchillon, following that is a Santa by Charlie Sapp called "Relaxing,' which took a second place ribbon in Springfield, and a winter bird by former member Jim Liefield, who came in to catch up with up.

The following carvings were entered into the show in Springfield by Bill Kuhn. The Penguin received a 3rd place ribbon, the Butterfly Fish and the Bird on a Wire wood burning both received 1st place ribbons

Charlie Sapp showed his Gunslinger at the Springfield show, Jim Liefield won a 2nd and 1st place ribbon for his Saw Weat Owl and his Angelfish, respectively.

Bill Kuhn also showed the following carved and burned birds at the Springfield show.

The following three pictures are some of the carvings on the competition table with there ribbons.

The following pictures are of the table layouts of Jim Liefield, Bill Kuhn, and Charlie Sapp at the Springfield show.

John Bouchillon carved this Irishman in a seminar with Floyd Rhadigan.

The following pictures are of show-n-tell in November.

Pictured below are a John Bouchillon carved the footstool followed by a Hillbilly cane. First John carved a hillbilly then used the top portion for the cane, and not wanting to waste anything he made the footstool with the bottom of the hillbilly. Charles Sapp woodturned the three birdhouses shown.

Dick Weber carved the Buffalo Warrior. His Atlantic Puffin and Ruddy Duck took a first and best of division, and a second respectively in the Columbia Flyway Show in Vancouver, Washington in September. The third picture are his miniture Labrador Ducks.

Dick Weber also provided a picture of his Hood Merganser working decoy in progress. He expects to complete it in early 2014. The second picture is a forest snowman carved by Wyatt Sample from a Bob Biermann rough-out. The final picture is Wilbert Brewton with his new toolbox prototype. He made this one to figure out how to do it and plans to make another slightly modified and improved.

The following carvings were entered into competition at the Belleville woodcarving show. Bill Kuhn received a ribbon for his bird. Charlie Sapp entered his cowboy and a Santa, and Bill Steele entered two mountain men carvings. Charlie Sapp received a ribbon for his turned bowl and Bill Kuhn received a ribbon for his birds on a wire wood burning.

Several members had tables at the Belleville show. They are pictured at their tables below.

Seasoned Eye Carvers: back to table of contents

Some members of the Club meet on Monday mornings at the Senior Center in Saint Charles. The following photos are of carvings and club members at those Seasoned Eye Carvers meetings.

These first two photos are trees of carvings. The first is a small tree of angels carved by Dee Kley. The second is a larger tree of ornaments made from carvings Dee has collected over the years in the annual club ornament exchange.

The following carvings were brought in for show-n-tell by Don and Dee Kley.

The following are pictures taken of members at the Seasoned Eye Group meetings and some of the carvings they showed.

Recommended Resources: back to table of contents

Wood Supplies

The following two links are to sources of carving woods. Heinecke comes to the Belleville woodcarving show each year and to other shows and provides excellent wood. Slim Maroushek also comes to the Belleville show and has also attended our woodcarving shows.

Woodcarving Tools and Supplies

Chipping Away

Carving Video Instruction On-line FREE

Lynn Doughty is a western carver living in Oklahoma. He does a blog which provides tutorials on how he carves his characters with detailed instruction. There is no cost to the blog. It now has very well filmed video instruction - still for free. It is a great resource,check it out at Out West Woodcarving. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos.

Gene Messar is a Flat Plane carver living on the Texas/Louisiana border. He has done a number of videos on youtube demonstrating the carving of santas, snowmen, Rufus and Sadie, hillbilly, wizard, hobo, halloween ghost, a scene with a dog treeing a raccoon in a tree and others. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos. These carvings are demonstrated in a series of short videos. If you have high speed internet these videos are free and helpful. This is a great resource, check it out at Whittler0507

Seminars: back to table of contents

If you have any suggestions for future seminars, bring them up in the club meetings and we will see if we can get enough interest. If so we will get it scheduled.     For seminars - the doors generally open in the morning at 8:30am and end in the evening at 5:00pm.  Ask your instructor for exact times.  

Meeting Time and Location: back to table of contents

Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The meetings include a brief business meeting followed by a carving session. Meetings are held at the Weldon Spring Site Remedial Action Project at 7295 Highway 94 South St. Charles, Missouri 63304. Visitors are always welcome!

You are also invited to carve with the Seasoned Eye group on Monday mornings from 9-noon at the St. Charles Senior Center on Fairgrounds (close to Bass Pro).

Weldon Spring Department of Energy site.  From highway 40/61 or I-70 exit highway 94 and continue south toward Defiance.  It is just past the Francis Howell High School.  When you see a Quonset hut on the right hand side it is the next driveway / facility.