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We will start the new year with a carving project. On January 6, Wyatt Sample will be teaching how to carve a holiday penguin. The wood will be supplied. All you need to do is bring your tools and be ready to carve. Examples of the penguin are shown below. We continue to encourage member led carving projects during meetings. If you are interested in leading a class please bring it up in the club meeting so we can plan for it. If there is a project you would like someone to lead please bring that up also.

To end 2015, we held our Annual Christmas Ball. Like last year the the party was held at the Hollenbeck Middle School where our regular meetings are held. The following are a few photos from our party.

Ornament Exchange -- One of the most enjoyable parts of the Christmas party is the ornament exchange. Those members that participate bring in a wrapped ornament, and receive an ornament carved by another member. The following are pictures of members with the ornaments they received.

In the first row Danny Hill shows the ornament he received carved by Wyatt Sample, Amber Cheshire holds her ornament carved by Bill Kuhn, and Deloris Hill shows the ornament she received on Danny's behalf, carved by Rick Skwira.

In the next row Bob Berg shows the ornament he received carved by Danny Hill, Charlie Sapp shows his ornament carved by Valerie Schnettler, and Bill Kuhn holds his ornament carved by Charlie Sapp.

Below Dick Maes holds the ornament he received carved by Paul Medlin, Fred Giger shows his ornament carved by Dick Maes, and Jane Wentworth shows her ornament carved by Tom Wright.

John Bouchillon shows his ornament below carved by Jane Wentworth, Mrs. Davis shows the carving she received on behalf of Les carved by Danny Hill, and Paul Medlin holds his ornament carved by Les Davis.

Below Rick Skwira holds his ornament carved by Bob Berg, and Tom Wright holds his ornament carved by John Bouchillon.

Below Valerie Schnettler holds her ornament carved by Amber Cheshire, and Wyatt Sample holds his ornament carved by Fred Giger.

At club meetings be sure to place your Show and Tell carvings on the table in the front of the room. Bill Kuhn will show them and ask the carver to tell the group about their carving. Afterward, that will give the other members an opportunity to go up and look over the carvings. Next to the show and tell table are carving patterns provided by Bill Kuhn that you may pick up. He tries to introduce new patterns once a month. Be sure to check them out. If you have a pattern you would like to share bring it in.

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Midwestern Woodcarvers Show - Belleville, Illinois The 43th Annual Midwestern Woodcarvers Show was held in Belleville, Illinois on November 7 and 8, at the Belle-Clair Fairgrounds & Expo Center.

Bill Kuhn won a ribbon for his wood burning shown below.

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The following are show-n-tell pictures of carvings presented by members in November and December. Carvings were shown at our club meetings at the Hollenbeck Middle School, and at the Seasoned Eye Members of the Club at the Senior center in St Charles.

Danny Hill showed several of his projects. First is a beautiful guitar he made for his son, the second picture is a Bob Biermann Santa, and finally a group of wood turned bowls and ornaments.

Below Dee Kley showed a Santa, and Dick Maes showed two snowmen.

Fred Giger showed an eagle head cane and some of his eagle heads. Walt Schmierbach showed a chip carved lamp, and Wyatt Sample showed one of his hobos done for a collector.

Below in the first and last photos are two more hobos by Wyatt Sample. In the center is a Santa in a yoga pose done for a customer upon request.

In the final photos below is a newspaper article about the Club from years ago, and an angel carved by Roy Probst one of the clubs founding members.

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Wood Supplies

The following two links are to sources of carving woods. Heinecke comes to the Belleville woodcarving show each year and to other shows and provides excellent wood. Slim Maroushek also comes to the Belleville show and has also attended our woodcarving shows.

Woodcarving Tools and Supplies

Chipping Away

Carving Video Instruction On-line FREE

Lynn Doughty is a western carver living in Oklahoma. He does a blog which provides tutorials on how he carves his characters with detailed instruction. There is no cost to the blog. It now has very well filmed video instruction - still for free. It is a great resource,check it out at Out West Woodcarving. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos.

Gene Messar is a Flat Plane carver living on the Texas/Louisiana border. He has done a number of videos on youtube demonstrating the carving of santas, snowmen, Rufus and Sadie, hillbilly, wizard, hobo, halloween ghost, a scene with a dog treeing a raccoon in a tree and others. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos. These carvings are demonstrated in a series of short videos. If you have high speed internet these videos are free and helpful. This is a great resource, check it out at Whittler0507

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The Club encourages member led meeting seminars. In November Jane Wentworth led a class on carving a spiral ornament. Below is a photo of some of her examples.

The following are photos of the club members working on Jane's project.

For seminars - the doors generally open in the morning at 8:30am and end in the evening at 5:00pm.  Ask your instructor for exact times.  

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Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The meetings include a brief business meeting followed by a carving session. Until further notice the Club is meeting at the Hollenbeck Middle School off Central School Road. The Club is considering a permanent move from the Weldon Spring Site that we have used the last several years. See the PDF file linked below for a map to Hollenbeck Middle School with descriptions of the location. Visitors are always welcome!

You are also invited to carve with the Seasoned Eye group on Monday mornings from 9-noon at the St. Charles Senior Center on Fairgrounds (close to Bass Pro).