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We continue to encourage member led carving projects during our first meeting each month. If you are interested in leading a class please bring it up in the club meeting so we can plan for it. If there is a project you would like someone to lead please bring that up also. Pictures from club led projects are shown in the "Seminars" section of the newsletter near the bottom.

At club meetings be sure to place your Show and Tell carvings on the table in the front of the room. Bill Kuhn will show them and ask the carver to tell the group about their carving. Afterward, that will give the other members an opportunity to go up and look over the carvings.

A Note From Across the Pond

In April 2013, Paula Noble, Publicity Officer for the British Wood Carvers Association, joined us from across the pond. She visited our club both on a Wednesday night and on a Monday morning. She was a big hit with the Members who enjoyed meeting her and discussing our carving styles and the British way of doing things. Paula sent us the following Christmas note and a picture of her latest carving.

"Just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from England. I haven't done much carving this year due to both knees needing a cartilage operation. On the mend now. Whittling a little love spoon for a friend's wedding day."

"I will always remember my carving time spent with your welcoming club members. Please send my love and best wishes to everyone. A special hug for Valerie!"

The following is a picture of her from her April 2013 visit and a picture of her love spoon carving in progress.

Show and Tell - January 2018: back to table of contents

The following are show-n-tell pictures of carvings presented by members. Carvings were shown at our club meetings at the Hollenbeck Middle School, and at the Seasoned Eye Members of the Club at the Senior center in St Charles.

Below Ed Smith showed several of his recent carvings. Fred Giger showed an eagle carving. And Ed Smith showed a little flat plane carving "Will Work for Food."

Debbie Snyder showed two ornaments she carved, a snowman and a Joy ornament. Dick Maes also showed tow ornaments - a Santa face and a snowman.

Below is a skiing gnome by Wyatt Sample. It was carved using EZ Carving's EZboard which is a high-density urethane (HDU) material. It carves similarly to wood, but there is no grain making it somewhat easier to carve. John Crouch showed an owl he wood burned.

Below Fred Giger showed a rabbit he carved on a trailer with flowers. Ed Smith showed a turned bowl.

Below is a group of carvings by Paul Medlin. Dick Weber noted that after almost 7 non-stop years of carving birds he has decided to step away from them for now. He completed his 61st bird and has run out of room to house them. Shown below is his latest bird, a Baikal Teal floating IWCA style bird that he will take to the Columbia Flyway show in Vancouver Washington in September.

Below is an eagle woodburning by Bill Kuhn, and a dog, which he will be teaching in the February meeting.

Seminars: back to table of contents

Carving a Cottonwood Bark House by Steve Rogers January

To begin January Steve Rodgers continued leading club members in carving a cottonwood bark house.

Below are some examples of the Bark houses he has done and the roofline he carved in a fresh piece of bark.

The following are some pictures from the class as members worked on carving their versions of the cottonwood bark house.

Club Seminars are generally held the first regular meeting of the month. For outside seminars - the doors generally open in the morning at 8:30am and end in the evening at 5:00pm.  Ask your instructor for exact times.  

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Meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. on the first and third Wednesday of each month. The meetings include a brief business meeting followed by a carving session. The Club meets at the Hollenbeck Middle School off Central School Road. See the PDF file linked below for a map to Hollenbeck Middle School with descriptions of the location. Visitors are always welcome!

IMPORTANT! If Francis Howell is Closed then we DO NOT meet. This could be for a snow day, a holiday, or school breaks.

You are also invited to carve with the Seasoned Eye group on Monday mornings from 9-noon at the St. Charles Senior Center on Fairgrounds (close to Bass Pro).

Recommended Resources: back to table of contents

Wood Supplies

The following two links are to sources of carving woods. Heinecke comes to the Belleville woodcarving show each year and to other shows and provides excellent wood. Slim Maroushek also comes to the Belleville show and has also attended our woodcarving shows.

Carving Video Instruction On-line FREE

Lynn Doughty is a western carver living in Oklahoma. He does a blog which provides tutorials on how he carves his characters with detailed instruction. There is no cost to the blog. It now has very well filmed video instruction - still for free. It is a great resource,check it out at Out West Woodcarving. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos.

Gene Messar is a Flat Plane carver living on the Texas/Louisiana border. He has done a number of videos on youtube demonstrating the carving of santas, snowmen, Rufus and Sadie, hillbilly, wizard, hobo, halloween ghost, a scene with a dog treeing a raccoon in a tree and others. The following pictures are examples from some of his instruction videos. These carvings are demonstrated in a series of short videos. If you have high speed internet these videos are free and helpful. This is a great resource, check it out at Whittler0507